Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Magician

He really is you know. He'll fob it off as just an expression of feelings and thoughts - as though it's something we are all capable of doing as easily as he finds it comes to him, but he is a magician when it comes to music. There have been a number of beautiful piano pieces and some other quality tracks of various genres pumping out from the studio these past couple of weeks. Two of them particularly appealed to me at this point in time. One you now listen to (or if you are reading archives and the "tune" has changed you can hear it HERE which is called "Beaky" and was created from the feelings of both sadness and happy memories of Sabrina. The other one I managed to miss putting on my memory stick so it's inclusion to my list of "love to listen to" will be slightly delayed. In the meantime - enjoy.... thank you darling!


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