Friday, July 20, 2007

About Swimming

I think it's incredible, as you already know, that such talent has gone undiscovered for so long. I find it almost as incredible that up until now, no-one has pushed for the talent to be discovered. I'm so proud of my association with such beautiful music and I just wish I could do it more justice. I'm working on it. But when you find your feelings so incredibly captured by a piece of music, expressing more than you could ever express yourself in mere words, then it goes without saying that you find yourself moved and almost overwhelmed by the magic of the music itself. I finally found the courage to put this piece on the blog. Sound Of Sharks. It is the epitome of the fear and the frustration, the cold harsh reality of what "swimming with sharks" means to me. But it's hard to face your own reality. And as much as I have admired this piece since that very first morning I heard it - the feelings it evokes have been too close to home. If you are listening to the music - this is the sound of my sharks.

There are highs amongst the lows. There have to be otherwise you couldn't - wouldn't - continue to swim. I've described my pond of reality like a large pool of warm water. It's comfortable, but you know - somewhere - the sharks swim with you. And every now and then they bite. The teeth are sharp. The bites are painful. But the water is warm and soothing. And all you can hope for is that the sharks don't attack too often - too fiercely. I suppose the thing that keeps your focus is that you clearly aren't the only one experiencing those sharp teeth. And not being alone makes the experience bearable perhaps, but knowing someone else suffers in the same way, I guess gives you comfort and some reassurance.

There is a CD in the making - hopefully we'll get the few kinks I'm being fussy about ironed out soon. It's all piano pieces and when he told me the new stuff was probably some of the best he'd written, he wasn't just caught up in the moment. There are some incredibly passionate and emotional tracks that you just can't help but be moved by.

The past 6 months have been the most incredible journey of my life. I have been awakened to so many things. Exposed to so many things. Experienced so many things. All of which have made such incredible impact on my life. Regardless of the fact that I sometimes find myself so completely out of my depth, I am just so grateful for the amazing experiences. I think I have grown more in the past 6 months than I have in years before. My heart now knows not only it's full potential but also the amazing blessing of some incredibly important and wonderful people. As much as the road to this place in my life has been difficult and at times painful, I wouldn't trade where I am and who I am with for anything.... and I mean anything.

I have the most incredible close circle of friends. I cannot imagine my life any other way. We are all tragic together. We all have our sharks. But thankfully we are all there for one another.

My week has been full of highs and lows as one comes to expect. I was proud of Shane for facing the demons of the car accident. This week he went to see the car. Then yesterday as I was driving him home, I stopped after the accident point and got him to drive back through the curves, past the remainder of the tree that still lies by the side of the road. I know from my own experience it's not easy to get past the fear and the true test for him will be driving it at the same hour, and in the dark. But the strength and committment he shows in other aspects of his life will surely be reflected in his determination to beat this demon as well. So since he has now seen the car in person - here you see why he is one of the luckiest human beings on the face of the planet - to have survived such a frightening accident.

I am very much in anticipation of his return to the radio show. For me, Mondays have always been such fun on the radio with him, and I'm really missing that piece of the week. Hopefully Monday week will see him back on air again.

And finally those last couple of Layouts I did a couple of weeks ago...... Thanks to Shane and Allen for getting my computer back on the road again.

I have a busy weekend ahead of me. Not the least of which will be tomorrow baking a couple of mud cakes in an effort to get a Black Forrest Cake up and running for Tuesday. Ahh yes the big 46 is looming and I want Black Forrest Cake. It's too big and too expensive to cook it just for yourself, so morning tea at Otway FM on Tuesday should be worth visiting for!!!!!


Blogger Cass said...

Those photos of the car are frightening. I've never been in a major car accident (only minor little bumps) so I have no idea what your dear friend Shane is going through. I will pray for him to have a full recovery, not only of physical injuries but of the psychological ones that must be quite deep too. He is very fortunate to have a true friend like you around to support him.

I love your layouts. And the music is beautiful. Let me know when there is a CD available.


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