Wednesday, May 04, 2011

A difficult week

Last Friday we lost a dear friend who meant a lot to me. I've known Ken all my life through our shared interest of dog showing. I can recall so many memories of Ken both as a dog judge and exhibitor. He has always been a gentleman and someone who I respected both personally and as a member of the dog showing fraternity. I think he's one of those "old school" dog people who shared my love and joy of showing dogs for all the right and good reasons. But sadly Ken lost his battle with cancer last week and all I can say is the world is poorer for his passing. And so as we look towards the sadness of his funeral tomorrow, I am trying to focus on the positive and happy moments I remember, of all the wonderful things he has contributed as a husband, father, an exhibitor, judge and breeder of dogs and the warmth I know he must have shared with the people he met throughout his life.

RIP Ken. You will never be forgotten by those who cared deeply.


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