Friday, March 25, 2011

The Daily Om

It's interesting how things come and go in your life. Well lets make that things AND people. I think you get to understand it a little more as you grow older and perhaps the events that happen tend to worry you less the more you understand other people and yourself. Over the years, for various reasons, people have come and gone in my life. The ones who really matter are still there, even if only in my thoughts. But it's still sad when you see people drift off especially if you haven't yet come to a point of understanding in the "why".

A thread on Challenge Masters this week got me to thinking about this blog, about people and about myself and where I am at today even throughout the short journey of my life that has been publicly shared through these pages. It led me to read a few old posts and I came across a quote from "The Daily OM". I used to love the quotes that came from this site and I'm not quite sure why I no longer subscribe to it, but I decided to re-acquaint myself with it. Today's post was about the differences between people and how we surround ourselves with "like-minded" people for harmony and enjoyment, but also about accepting the fact that there are some people in life who simply don't like you and likely never will. I don't think - at least I would certainly hope I don't - judge people for being different. I'm all for embracing difference. I guess the people I have come to like least in life have been those who don't embrace difference and get all bent out of shape because you don't think the way they do.

For the right now in my life, I am pleased to say that there has been an embracing of some really lovely people, both at work and socially, and it's such a wonderful thing to see those friendships evolve and come to a realisation that there are lovely people out there who share your thoughts and views and who you can enjoy a jolly good laugh with. For this, I am totally blessed.


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