Friday, November 07, 2008

Life Perspective

I often find it interesting to contemplate the way others see life. We all base our perceptions from our own perspective of life but I am often struck by how different those perceptions can be from person to person. How you react to different things can be affected by so many things including your past experiences and what you believe "is". Perspective is an incredible thing. You could go through many years of believing something just "is" - and all of a sudden out of the blue something comes along to contradict that belief. You can fight it. But eventually you have to accept that whatever it was just simply isn't ALWAYS the way you perceived it to be.

It can be an unnerving experience, as many new things can be. New ways of thinking are difficult for some. Accepting the reality of difference and change, for others, seems to be impossible. I admire the people who have the courage to analyse and accept the concept that everything isn't ALWAYS as it seems to be, and that sometimes you have to change your beliefs or at the very least adjust them, rather than block out the reality and continue to live in a fantasy, no matter how comfortable that fantasy might be.

For me, it's sad to think so many people live in the past or in a state of illusion. I don't understand why we sometimes hold on to things that are bad or sad or unhappy. I wonder why we sometimes make the decisions we know will not be the best thing for ourselves, why we put ourselves last, why we give so much to a partner or friend who simply isn't giving anything back to us. I'm sure we know it. I'm sure there are those moments of the uncertainty of thinking at night when the reality and the pain cut deeply. But then we rise each morning, put on our robe of responsibility and step out into the world pretending everything is fine. Why do we do that?

We as human beings are ever changing, ever evolving. One of the biggest things about life I think I've learned, and hope I practice to the best of my ability, is growing with it rather than fighting against it. Having the ability to adapt and grow, and probably more importantly embracing it, is without doubt one of the most valuable lessons I have gained in recent times along with the importance of communication - real, honest communication. Since I discovered that for myself, I have never been happier. And having the perspective I now have on how good life, love and relationships can be, makes the past a little sadder but the future much brighter.

Despite being in the midst of year 12 exams, our home has been delightfully calm. I give much of that credit to the wonderful man who enriches our lives with stability, support, humour and love now. I had feared it might be a terribly stressful time but it seems to have been far less eventful than anticipated. One exam to go and it's all over. Of course the reality of life having changed now forever is starting to sink in - for both of us. And while a part of me is excited for her future and the prospects that await her, that motherly part of me is extremely anxious about the very same things. I am very proud of the young woman she has become and of the bond we share. It's been so much "she and I" in our world over the past 17 years that it's going to be very strange indeed when she heads off to create her own life.

I think my scrapbooking has always been a very important part of recent years and I have no doubt it will continue to be that way. But I've really enjoyed the foray into making cards as well. Despite Christmas being just around the corner and still needing a few more to match the long list of recipients, I've had a bit of fun branching out to Birthday greetings as well. Not to mention having taken a bunch of cards to show a lovely lady who owns a gift shop who was so taken with them would not only like a selection to sell in her shop but has also ordered a special one for her Brother's upcoming Birthday. So one of my cards will soon be winging it's way to the USA to hopefully put a smile on someones face. I like that concept. So for now - here are some Birthday creations I played around with last week.


Blogger Melissa said...

Hi ya Gorgeous and Shaney PooPooPoo....LMAO...I see a LO with all those thoughts about you and Lakeishas relationship and how you are feeling ATM, about your life about to take another change with her starting a new phase in her life.Go on you can do it.

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